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An estimation from Institute of Medicine says that more than 50 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Sleep apnea, being one of the major sleep disorders, can disturb the harmony in health of people leading to long term risks. It ruins the sleep during night and makes the day tiresome. If left untreated, the disorder can lead to high blood pressure and cardiac problems on longer term. The requirement for treating such a chronic disorder has allowed dentistry to come out with some wonderful remedies to it.

Does your bed partner complain that you snore loud? Do you wake up several times during the night sleep? Do you often feel tired and sleepy during day hours? These are the conditions which may mean sleep apnea. Our dental clinic helps patients with sleep apnea in Amarillo, TX to overcome the irritation of sleeplessness. Our dentists in Amarillo TX, examine the symptoms and suggest remedies which can help patients be relieved from this sleep disorder which improves their overall health.

Sleep apnea – Risk factors and symptoms
Sleep apnea can occur in people of all age groups. One should know that snoring does not always mean sleep apnea. The symptoms of sleep apnea differ from the normal snoring. But identification of sleep apnea is quite challenging since it happens during sleep and it may not have indications during the day time. However some of the risk factors and symptoms of the disorder are listed below.

The risk factors:

  • Over weight
  • Aged above 40
  • Being male
  • Large neck
  • Blood relative of people who have sleep apnea

The symptoms:
  • Headache during mornings
  • Feeling tired during day time
  • Improper sleep
  • Lack of concentration
Treatment for sleep apnea in Amarillo TX, helps patients relieve from daily obstacles caused by sleeplessness and improves their overall health on a longer term. Since sleep is the most essential part of a daily cycle, treating sleep apnea can bring the perfect goodnight sleep which is priceless.

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