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Root Canal Treatment in Amarillo TX


Root canal treatment is an operation to save natural tooth by removing the infected part within it. It is one of the common dental procedures that we perform on a regular basis at our practice. Caries, the most threatening tooth infection, is capable of destroying the host by reaching its core. So how does this happen? Its a story of bacteria dominating the tooth structure.

The pulp is central part of a tooth which nurtures the tooth until it is fully grown. It has blood vessels and nerves within and it extends till the root of the tooth. When caries conquer a tooth and spoil the enamel and dentin layers to reach the pulp, the infection threaten the natural tooth. If not treated in time, the infection may cause the tooth to fall of and further spread over the periodontium of the oral cavity.

Saving your natural tooth is our motto
Natural tooth are very precious and protecting them through treatment is one of our main goals. As long as the tooth is not weak and the pulp infection has not created great harm to the tooth, the tooth can be saved through root canal treatment. In this treatment the pulp is carefully removed from the tooth and a filling is put in place. Crowns are used to cover the natural tooth post treatment in order to regain the perfect shape. By doing so, the tooth structure gets strengthened with an artificial crown, while the natural teeth remains in tact, avoiding the need for extraction.

Other cases where the pulp is infected
Apart from caries, the pulp of the tooth may get infected in other circumstances. An injury caused to the tooth or a crack can extend upto the pulp of the tooth, exposing it to harmful bacteria. The patient should visit a dentist when he/she meets with an accident where the tooth is hurt.

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